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Verity Colleen Hoover Summary: A Comprehensive Guide

Colleen Hoover’s “Verity” is a psychological thriller that has captivated readers with its gripping narrative and unexpected twists. This article provides a detailed summary of the book, answering key questions and offering insights into the characters, plot, and themes. Whether you’re a fan of Hoover’s work or new to her writing, this comprehensive guide will enhance your understanding of “Verity.”

“Verity,” written by Colleen Hoover, is a novel that delves into the dark recesses of a writer’s mind. The story revolves around Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer, who is given the opportunity of a lifetime to complete an unfinished series by the renowned author Verity Crawford. As Lowen delves deeper into Verity’s work and her personal life, she uncovers disturbing truths that blur the lines between fiction and reality. This article will provide an in-depth summary of “Verity,” highlighting the Key Takeway, major events, and overall impact of the story.

Key Takeaways

  • Lowen Ashleigh is hired to complete Verity Crawford’s book series.
  • Lowen discovers Verity’s chilling autobiography, revealing dark secrets.
  • The novel explores themes of deception, obsession, and the blurred line between reality and fiction.
  • The story is filled with unexpected twists and psychological suspense.

verity colleen hoover summary


Involving Parties: Characters and Background Information

The central characters in “Verity” include:

  • Lowen Ashleigh: A struggling writer who is given the chance to complete Verity Crawford’s book series. She is the protagonist of the story.
  • Verity Crawford: A famous author who is incapacitated due to a car accident. Her unfinished manuscripts and personal writings play a crucial role in the plot.
  • Jeremy Crawford: Verity’s husband, who hires Lowen to finish his wife’s work. He becomes a pivotal character as Lowen uncovers more about Verity’s life.

Other characters include the Crawfords’ children and various individuals connected to Verity’s past, each contributing to the novel’s complex narrative.


The timeline of “Verity” is crucial to understanding the unfolding mystery:

  • Initial Meeting: Lowen meets Jeremy Crawford at a book event, where he offers her the job of completing Verity’s series.
  • Moving In: Lowen moves into the Crawford home to work on the manuscripts, where she discovers Verity’s autobiography.
  • Autobiography Discovery: Lowen reads Verity’s autobiography, uncovering disturbing details about her life and her relationships.
  • Climactic Revelations: As Lowen delves deeper, she discovers secrets that challenge her perception of Verity and Jeremy.
  • Conclusion: The story reaches a shocking conclusion that leaves readers questioning the nature of truth and deception.


The events of “Verity” have profound effects on the characters’ lives:

  • Lowen Ashleigh: Her involvement with the Crawfords changes her career and personal life, as she grapples with the moral implications of her discoveries.
  • Jeremy Crawford: Jeremy’s past and present are deeply affected by the revelations in Verity’s autobiography, impacting his relationship with Lowen.
  • Verity Crawford: Though incapacitated, Verity’s presence looms large over the narrative, influencing the actions and emotions of those around her.

The novel’s exploration of these impacts adds depth to the characters and enhances the psychological tension of the story.

Public Reaction

“Verity” has received significant attention from both readers and critics:

  • Critical Acclaim: The novel has been praised for its suspenseful plot and complex characters. Critics have highlighted Hoover’s ability to create a gripping psychological thriller.
  • Reader Reviews: Fans of the book have lauded its unexpected twists and the moral dilemmas faced by the characters. The novel has sparked discussions about the nature of truth and fiction.
  • Media Coverage: “Verity” has been featured in various literary magazines and online platforms, contributing to its popularity and widespread discussion.

The book’s reception underscores its impact and the compelling nature of its story.

Future Prospects and Upcoming Plans

As of 2024, there are several developments related to “Verity” and Colleen Hoover’s work:

  • Adaptations: There have been talks of adapting “Verity” into a film or television series, which could bring the story to a broader audience.
  • New Releases: Colleen Hoover continues to write and release new books, maintaining her status as a prolific and popular author.
  • Literary Impact: “Verity” has influenced other writers in the psychological thriller genre, contributing to ongoing trends in contemporary fiction.

These prospects highlight the enduring appeal of “Verity” and Hoover’s continued influence in the literary world.

In summary, “Verity” by Colleen Hoover is a masterful psychological thriller that captivates readers with its intricate plot and complex characters. The novel’s exploration of deception, obsession, and the blurred line between reality and fiction offers a compelling reading experience. With its unexpected twists and moral dilemmas, “Verity” leaves a lasting impact on its audience. This comprehensive guide has provided an in-depth look at the key aspects of the book, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of Hoover’s work. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to her writing, “Verity” is a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

verity colleen hoover summary